Saturday, March 08, 2014

Fairphone puts fairness first — without breaking the bank

Fairphone makes a "seriously cool" smartphone that is free of conflict minerals — metals like tungsten bought from, say, mining operations controlled by warlords in a conflict-torn nation. Cutting out such unethical sources from the supply chain is intended to change the entire system of making such devices.

Smartphone CEO Bas van Abel explains his initiative in a BBC radio interview and in this video.

Amazingly, the Fairphone isn't as expensive as many would think — only 325 euros (about $450).

In another interview, van Abel said Fairphone has been so positively received that the company snagged preorders for 25 thousand units before manufacturing even started. Not only will Fairphone sell more of its own phones as it catches on, but bigger manufacturers may decide to get in on the action — which is also what Fairphone aims for with this "fair" initiative.

Fairphone is just one example of what is possible when we consumers put our money where are values are.

—Mellow Monk


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