Sunday, December 08, 2013

Three new reviews of Kuma Green 1228

Three thorough and thoughtful tea lovers were kind enough to review our Kuma Green 1228 tea: Dani Pigeon at Sage & Spice (who wrote, "It makes me think of a springtime afternoon just as winter lets go ...timid greens and flowers springing up once the snow melts"), Nicole Martin at Tea for Me Please ("If you could bottle the smell of spring this tea is what it would smell like"), and Kate at Sagaci-tea ("Complex and refreshing").

Kuma Green 1228 brewed by Dani in a lovely frosted-glass cup.

A potful of Kuma Green 1228 brewed by Nicole.

—Mellow Monk


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Friday, December 06, 2013

Mellow Monk tea artisan featured on Aso City website

Koji Nagata, the grower-artisan behind the award-winning Top Leaf, Yuzu Dream, and other teas of ours, is one of the local artisans featured [PDF] at Aso Zen, where Aso City showcases the dedicated, hardworking people behind the many agricultural products for which the area is famous.

The text in the photo says, "Crafting a flavor that is consistent year after year — that is what I devote myself to."

You don't have to see Koji and his family hard at work in the fields or their tea workshop to see this devotion; you can taste it in every sip of their tea.

—Mellow Monk


blog feed, facebook, reviews, steepster, teas, tweets, videos