Friday, August 30, 2013

Review of 3 Tea Horse teas

I recently had the privilege of trying three teas from London-based Tea Horse. The first, shown in its glory below, is Panyong Golden Needle.

The tea was light and refreshing, with smoky, nutty notes. I brewed it on the strong side — as I like most of my teas — but doing so did not make the infusion harsh at all. Instead, the cocoa and caramel notes were brought to the fore. Here are the dry leaves just out of the packet:

Here are a couple of shots of Tea Horse's Korean Green.

Korean Green was also light and mild, a very unassuming tea, not overly earthy at all. Unlike the Japanese greens to which I am accustomed, however, this tea has a hint of a fermented flavor profile, similar to a Chinese green or a lightly infused oolong.

Last but not least is Tea Horse's genmaicha. Here it is in my cup and right out of the packet.

Tea Horse's genmaicha was also mild yet flavorful, a very accessible tea with a nice combination of nutty genmai notes blending well with the green tea's melony sweetness and a hint of savoriness.

All in all, I had a wonderfully pleasing afternoon with Tea Horse's teas.

—Mellow Monk


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