Monday, February 13, 2012

Music to drink green tea by

We all know that the right music can make a green tea break even more relaxing or rejuvenating. But recent research is also showing that music can even affect how your tea — or any food or beverage for that matter — tastes:

Volunteers rated the toffee eaten during low-pitched music as more bitter than that consumed during the high-pitched rendition. The toffee was, of course, identical. It was the sound that tasted different.

Here are a couple of mixes for you to experiment with. Green tea has such a broad range of flavors, and the low, mellow notes in the music complement deliciously the smooth, earthy flavor of tea, while the high, cheery notes perfectly match the tea's sweet, cheery flavor components.

And of course when the mellow vibe of the two come together, the result is copacetic.

But I still think it's the tea that makes the music sound better, not the other way around.

—Mellow Monk


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