Friday, September 23, 2011

Bringing the good tea news to city hall

Our tea buyer, while in Aso, visited city hall to give them a good story for their newsletter — about a local tea artisan's tea winning first place in its division in the North American Tea Championship.

A lot of the folks there were surprised to say the least — to think that tea from their li'l ol' town could hold its own (and then some) against the big boys!

It just goes to show that the size of a town has nothing to do with the quality of its tea. Or maybe it's even inversely correlated.

The "local boy makes good" story appears [PDF] in the September issue of official city newsletter, Koho Aso.

At Aso City Hall to tell their PR people (person) about Mellow Monk's latest recognition.

Exterior of Aso City Hall

—Mellow Monk


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