Thursday, April 21, 2011

Update on our growers

Our growers are all fine. Their tea estates are located over 800 miles away from Sendai, in Kumamoto. In fact, other than Chiran (located another 100 miles or so to the south), the Kumamoto region is probably the farthest tea-growing region from the nuclear site.

Also, our artisanal growers use only locally made materials in the fields, so there is no risk at all of contamination through that route, either.

In addition, the disasters have not disrupted the growers' tea estate operations in any way.

If anything, there could be an increased demand for their tea, precisely because it is far enough from the Sendai region (whereas the well-known Shizuoka region is relatively close) to have escaped both contamination and infrastructure disruption. We do not, however, foresee any shortages just yet.

Thank you for your concern, everyone.

The water wheel at Asobo no Sato, in Minami Aso.

Another shot of beautiful Minamiaso ("South Aso").

—Mellow Monk


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