Friday, January 14, 2011

To get kids to drink tea, teach them how to brew

Parents, imagine if you could wean your children off soda and get them to drink green tea instead. What a wonderfully healthy habit you would be teaching them, one that would literally pay a lifetime of dividends.

But the average kid who is new to green tea may, if offered a cup, react with about as much enthusiasm as they would to extra homework.

Yet there is hope. For just as teaching kids to cook is an excellent way to get fussy eaters to try — and like — new foods, teaching your child to brew loose-leaf tea on his or her own will engender a sense of accomplishment that will make the healthy drink seem so much more accessible.

Besides, there are so many handy and neat devices for steeping tea nowadays that brewing loose-leaf tea may even become — dare I say — cool.

The family that brews together . . .

—Mellow Monk


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