Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Monk presents a new tea — Crimson Grove, black tea made from green tea varietals

As previously sneak-previewed, Mellow Monk has added a new tea to our lineup — Crimson Grove, a black tea (kocha, or "crimson tea").

What makes Crimson Grove special, however, is that it's made from leaves from green tea varietals — and that the leaves are only lightly fermented after harvest.

Crimson Grove's deeply dark leaves yield a caramel-brown brew with a light sweetness combined with a smoky lusciousness, with overtones of nutmeg. This unexpectedly delicious combination must be tasted to be believed.

And once you taste it, we are sure you will want to keep tasting it over and over again.

What was known in Asia as "crimson tea" — from the color of the brew — was dubbed "black tea" by the British from the color of the leaves.

—Mellow Monk


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