Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Tea on the go with Tovolo

Design house Tovolo is known for creating a wide range of sharp-looking household goods, including some nifty tea service tools.

And like all good tea accoutrements, Tovolo's do not merely look good — they function well, too.

One such handy, attractive brewing tool is the Teago Mobile Tea Infuser, seen at left and below.

The top portion is the tea storage compartment, which holds enough tea to brew quite a few cups. The bottom part is the filtration device. You pour some of the dry tea leaves from the storage compartment into the filter, then submerge the filter into a waiting cup of hot water.

When brewing is done, you remove the filter and set it aside for repeat steepings. Once the leaves in the filter have yielded all their tasty goodness, you empty the filter and pour in more dry leaves from the compartment.

When it is time to move to a new location, you place the cap over the filter, for no-drip transport. The clip that secures the pen-shaped Teago in your cup can also secure it in a shirt pocket or backpack pouch.

A Teago and some Mellow Monk tea would make a great holiday gift, no?

—Mellow Monk


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