Friday, September 17, 2010

Home-brewed is healthiest

The long list of green tea's health benefits just got longer: A recent study shows that the natural brew may protect your DNA from damage.

But if you want green tea that is chock full of EGCG and the other polyphenols that confer these benefits — and who doesn't? — then the answer is now clear: You simply have to brew the tea yourself:

Henning says that polyphenols in tea start breaking down after the tea is brewed. So if a bottle has been sitting on the shelf for a while, there may be only a little — if any — antioxidants in the tea.

If you have been drinking bottled tea, the good news is that brewing loose-leaf tea has never been easier, as you can see from the many handy accoutrements to the right of this post.

And of course there is also some truly exceptional green tea out there, too.

Polyphenol-rich tea, ready to be harvested and sent straight to your teapot, bypassing the bottle. (On a tea artisan's estate in Kumamoto.)

—Mellow Monk


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