Monday, September 27, 2010

Flavors of West Japan — part 1

We all remember "Kyushu, Where Japan's Green Tea Grows," right? Well, one of the Mellow Monk tea artisans who was featured in that documentary has been featured in another chronicle about Japan.

From its title, "Flavors of West Japan" may sound like a food-centric production, but this documentary, shown on Europe's Channel 4, deals broadly with the natural and cultural treasures of west Japan — the region comprising west Honshu and the island of Kyushu.

Part 1 opens with the Kii Peninsula, located at the region's eastern edge.

The first sight we see in the Kii mountains is the Seiganto-ji Temple, located next to the Nachi waterfall. Then, after seeing a tea farm in the hills of Kumano, we move on to the ancient magnificence and subtle splendor of the Mt. Koya temple complex.

You can also watch this clip at YouTube.

The Mellow Monk growers are featured in a later segment. Stay tuned.

—Mellow Monk


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