Saturday, May 08, 2010

Say g'day to easy brewing

A previous post showcased yet another option for brewing loose-leaf tea — the Australian Press.

Think of it as a see-through teapot that empties from the bottom (hence "down under" ... Australia ... get it?).

First, you put in your tea, then pour in hot water. When the tea is done brewing, you set the Australian press on top of your cup, press the button and — voilà! — the brewed tea pours through the bottom and into your cup.

The tea leaves, meanwhile, are left high and dry, which is important for additional steepings — you don't want the leaves soaking in leftover tea while you are drinking the first cup.

The only confusing aspect of the Australian tea press is that unlike the French press — which can be used for tea — there is no actual press. Instead, gravity does the work.

The Australian press is, in short, a pressless press. Confusing, yes — but that is more than offset by the simplicity, convenience, and good looks of this smart solution for us loose-leaf brewers.


—Mellow Monk


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