Tuesday, May 18, 2010

For Japan cinephiles, a golden age

For lovers of Japanese cinema, these are truly wonderful times.

More classics are available on disc and even on line than ever before. The Internet is also increasing awareness of Japanese cinema, leading to revivals of the works of timeless masters like Yasujiro Ozu and even the chambara (samurai swordplay) genre.

Even previously obscure chambara films are being rediscovered, thanks to DVDs and the Internet.

Not only that, but today's international interconnectedness is making it possible for small, indepedent films like Dean Yamada's Jitensha (Bicycle) to be made and — just as importantly — to find an audience.

... just as Mellow Monk is able to connect tea aficionados like you with exclusive, ethical, exquisite green tea from small, independent artisan estates in rural Japan.

Yes, this is truly a golden age — for connoisseurs of Japanese cinema and Japanese green tea, too.

You can catch a screening of Jitensha in your town, or wait for the DVD to come out.

—Mellow Monk


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