Saturday, May 29, 2010

Control your brew with Finum Tea Control

We tea lovers can brew our tea in a wonderfully wide variety of ways today — there's no need to feel limited to any one type of brewing option.

Finland's Finum has come up with an interesting solution to the age-old problem of how to stop your tea leaves from steeping between cups of tea.

With a traditional teapot, for instance, if you don't pour out all of the tea, the leaves will keep brewing in the pot, and your next cup of tea will be too strong.

An in-the-cup infuser, such as this well-made one by FORLIFE, is physically removed from the water, leaving your brewed tea behind and your leaves high and dry until the next steeping. This is a simple, elegant solution enjoyed by many.

The Finum Tea Control teapot keeps the leaves physically in place but isolates them from the teapot's hot water with an ingenious rotatable tea basket: After pouring your brewed tea, you turn the filter element to slide its perforated section behind a non-perforated shield, thus stopping the brewing process until you're ready for another cup of tea.

Here's the promo video for this very clever teapot, which is yet another addition to our ever-growing options for brewing the tea we love.


—Mellow Monk


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