Thursday, December 17, 2009

Green tea made with spring water

The residents of Aso (whence Mellow Monk tea hails) are so proud of their deliciously health natural spring water that the city installed public drinking fountains dispensing this natural spring water, free for locals and visitors alike.

In the picture below, we made some cold-brewed matcha using this water, an empty soda bottle, and some of our powdered green tea.

It was, needless to say, delectable . . . and so easy to make: Just add matcha powder and water, then put on the cap, shake vigorously and—voilĂ —a bottle of delicious, healthy, thirst-quenchingly cool matcha.

This fountain is named "Katarai no Shizuku," which can mean "murmuring drops" (a reference to the water's sound) but can also mean "water for talking" (referring to how a drinking fountain brings people together) or even "lover's vow water" (which would play well with honeymooners visiting the town).

—Mellow Monk

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