Monday, August 04, 2008

Rave reviews for Mellow Monk's teas

Here are recent reviews of Mellow Monk's green teas at:

  • ThisNext — "This tea is absolutely delicious, and is the everyday tea of Japan. If you enjoy truly authentic green tea, then you will love Monk's Choice tea."

  • The Greater Green — "I spent three years in the Gunma region of Japan and during that time came to love green tea, the taste and the health and the art of it all. . . . It has been a struggle to find authentic green tea here in America. When I first drank Mellow Monk's teas it was like being transported back across the seas."

  • Yelp — "I lived in Japan for a long time, and I can tell you this tea is the real deal - better even than a lot of the stuff sold in supermarkets in Japan."

  • The Green Tea Review — "The scent from the brew is mellow and slightly earthy. Upon tasting, the slight tang presents itself to the palate. The tea at first tastes very clean and mellow with some earthiness, and is followed by a soft bite of tang characteristic of guricha."

  • Cooking Little — "For some [reviewers] this tea was reminiscent of tea they drank on visits to Japan and never since."

  • Multiple Infusions — "Dropped into a heated kyusu, 3.5 grams of leaf had a strong and complex–nearly holographic–marine aroma, all the smells of the ocean at once. After a 60 second steep at 174°F, the tide receded to reveal a mellower tea than the seaside odor suggested. Not quite as delicate as gyokuro, and not bold like sencha, this tamaryokucha takes up a nice position in the middle, with a steamy, clean earthiness and mildly vegetal sweetness . . . ."

Thanks, everyone, for taking the time to review our humble tea.

Top Leaf Green Tea, as brewed by the folks at Multiple Infusions.

—Mellow Monk

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