Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In Japan, the world's most expensive grapes go on sale

In Japan, the manager of a fancy hotel paid over 900 dollars for a pound and a half of premium grapes.

And these aren't just any old grapes, mind you. These are Ruby Romans, a variety that the Ishikawa Prefecture Agricultural Research Center spent 11 years developing as a way to stimulate local agriculture and bolster Ishikawa's image in Japan as a producer of high-quality fruits.

Hey, if they can get people to buy their grapes at 600 dollars a pound, I'd say they were successful.

Ruby Roman grapes are twice the size of Japan's kyoho variety, making them not only Japan's most expensive grape but also its largest.

[Japanese-language source: Chunichi Shinbun

"I know it's a lot of money, but these a REALLY good grapes."

At $26 a grape, they'd better be good.

—Mellow Monk

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