Saturday, August 09, 2008

The benefits of a TV-free week

Husband-and-wife team Marc and Angel list the 40 positive effects they experienced during a week without television, such as:

12. Finally trimmed the hedges in our front yard. – I always put this off because I am tired after mowing the lawn. This time, however, I did it on a totally separate evening. It only took me 30 minutes.
13. Cleaned out the garage and sold 2 old dehumidifiers on eBay. – We setup a 5-day eBay auction and got $65 for each one of them!
14. Took 2 evening strolls around a local park. – We hadn’t been to this park in years… there’s only 1 reason why.

Of course, you can also cheat by recording all the programs you want to see during the week, then watching them on the weekend. You also get to skip through the commercials, and even with "old school" VCR technology, the recording isn't that hard to do once you get into the habit.

Or is that cheating, Marc and Angel?

—Mellow Monk

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