Tuesday, July 01, 2008

New jugs (for milk and iced tea) and a new source of filtered water (for home, office, and the Earth)

Change is sometimes inevitable and inescapable, so the only thing to do about the new eco-friendly milk jugs is to embrace them enthusiastically. The secret to pouring without spilling is to tilt it downward without lifting it up off the table, as shown in the picture below.

And don't forget to save a couple of those jugs to make Mizudashi Iced Green Tea.

Speaking of water, this article about sea water desalination has an illustrated, easy-to-understand explanation of how reverse osmosis filtration works. The same technology that's being considered as a solution to global shortages of drinking water is already popular as an on-site water-filtration alternative to trucking and lugging around those huge bottles of water for home and office water-coolers.

Resting the edge on the table as you pour is the secret to preventing spilling.

—Mellow Monk

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