Friday, July 11, 2008

My $5 strainer works just as well as the $17 one

I've recommended various kinds of strainers and filters as an easy way to brew loose-leaf green tea, especially when brewing tea for one.

Below are pictures comparing a SwissGold inside-the-cup permanent tea filter with a chakoshi (tea strainer) that I bought for $5 at an Asian market. The chakoshi is actually made to go inside a teapot, but this particular size happened to perfectly fit my trusty mug.

The SwissGold filter seems more ruggedly built and will probably better withstand cleaning or being knocked against a hard surface to dislodge sticky wet tea leaves.

On the other hand, the teapot strainer is wider and allows the leaves to swirl around in the hot water more freely, for better steeping.

As with everything else in life, Grasshopper, there are trade-offs.

Before brewing ...

... and during brewing.

—Mellow Monk

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