Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Iced green tea with pomegranate juice

A healthy and thirst-quenching drink perfect for a hot summer's day: iced green tea with pomegranate juice.

...but ignore the part about using tea bags, however. Instead, brew your loose-leaf green tea the way you normally would, pour it into a mug or cup filled with ice, leaving a little room in the cup for the pomegranate juice. Then, once the tea has chilled (it only takes a minute or so), add in about half an inch of pomegranate juice.

You can also chill your brewed tea before pouring it over ice — you get less melting and therefore less dilution of the tea. If you're going to be using hot tea, you can brew your tea on the strong side to allow for dilution by the melting ice.

More tips and recipes for iced green tea are available here.

—Mellow Monk

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