Monday, June 09, 2008

The world-famous water of Aso

Located in the heart of Kyushu, the mountains of Aso are the bounteous source of pure, tasty water for the rest of the island. Many towns get all of their drinking and farming water from the springs of Aso.

The city of Kumamoto is the biggest in the world to have its water needs met entirely by natural underground springs, all of it from Aso. The clear water has also fueled a national drinking craze, as Kumamoto uses this water to produce high-quality shochu, a spirit distilled from sweet potatoes. Recent health studies found that a shochu enzyme helps reduce blood clots, and Kumamoto shochu has been flying off shelves nationwide ever since.

The mineral-rich spring water of Aso also does wonders for green tea, allowing the people there to gain an appreciation of truly great tea. In short, the natural spring water of Aso is an important reason that the people of Aso are famous for such high standards when it comes to green tea.

The Shirakawa headspring, one of the sources of the delicious spring water that Mt. Aso provides to many areas of Kyushu.

—Mellow Monk

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