Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Slow down ... fast!

Slow Down Fast is wonderful site by lifecoach and author David Bohl that's full of tips on living a less-hectic, more mellow life.

Here's an excerpt from the article "How to Boost Your Subjective Well-Being":

4. Shut off the television. Exposure to television is directly correlated with unhappiness. Regular television viewers consistently rate themselves as less satisfied with their financial status, more insecure about life in general and dissatisfied with themselves and their relationships. One possible reason is that commercials, and the exaggeratedly wealthy and exciting lifestyles of television characters, work together to make us feel bad about our own normal lives and possessions. Another issue is that physically ideal people are incredibly over-represented on television, therefore making us unhappy and unsatisfied with how our own looks, and the physical attractiveness of those around us, fares in comparison.

"Let's see, what would Mellow Monk do in this situation..."

—Mellow Monk

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