Thursday, June 05, 2008

Review of Sen Cha's Green Tea Bar and Mints

I recently had the opportunity to try Green Tea Mints and Green Tea Bars from Sen Cha Naturals.

First, the mints. I loved all three flavors. Friends and coworkers used such words as "awesome" and "unique flavor" to describe them, and I agree. In addition to making use of green tea's natural breath-freshening properties, each Sen Cha Naturals Green Tea Mint also provides the same antioxidant kick as 1/3 cup of tea, so they're convenient for when you want the benefits of green tea but aren't able to brew a potful, such as when on the road.

However, because of their subtle, restrained flavor, these mints may disappoint those accustomed to knock-your-socks-off power mints. These mints are also somewhat harder than some crumbly mints. However, their hardness allows you to either suck on the mints slowly or chew them up (as I do).

The Green Tea Bars are simply scrumptious — tasty and flavorful but light and clean, without being overly sweet or sitting heavy in the stomach. The wide variety of nuts and other natural ingredients are perfectly complementary, and tying the whole orchestra of flavors together is the down-to-earth taste of green tea. These bars make a great mid-day snack, satisfying your hunger but without slowing you down.

Green Tea Mints come in three flavors: Original, Delicate Pear, and Lively Lemongrass.

—Mellow Monk

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