Saturday, May 31, 2008

Things my Internet-less mother has asked me to look up online

For years I urged my (self-avowed technophobe) mother to get a computer and an Internet connection. "Think of all the sites online you could browse," I would say. "Think of how often I would call you for help," she would reply.

I eventually came to the conclusion that it would mean less stress in both of our lives if she simply called me whenever she needed to look something up online.

Here are a few of the things she asked me to research or order, etc.
  • The Blue Book price of her 1997 Ford Contour (don't ask).

  • When the new Star Wars game for XBox 360 is coming out. (It's for the grandkids.)

  • How to order replacement parts for a basketball stand in her back yard. (It's for the grandkids, and my mother was shocked at how excellent the customer service at Lifetime, the manufacturer. The Customer Service guy took her name and address and said he'd ship the parts right away, at no charge and without even asking for a copy of the receipt or anything. How often does that happen?)

  • The post-kitchen-fire status of San Francisco's Original Joe's restaurant.

  • The status of Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman's TV show.

  • Who has the best price on the last "Harry Potter" book (also for one of the grandkids).
Original Joe's before the October 2007 fire. I love restaurants with those big, chunky old-fashioned booths. —Mellow Monk

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