Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More teas from auraTeas

I just tried auraTeas' Formosa Baihao Oolong Choice. It's less tannic than black teas. A complex but subtle flavor, and even a short steeping time of only a minute or so produces a surprisingly flavorful infusion. The flavor held up well for two more infusions, and the instructions suggest up to six, although being subtle, the flavor beings to fade a bit after the third.

I occasionally like to brew a super-strong cup of tea, so I tried it with this Baiho Oolong, brewing 2 teaspoons of tea leaves for 4 minutes. The result was excellent—flavorful but not bitter.

The tea leaves themselves unfurled nicely during brewing, and I saw many small whole leaves, many with stems, which may explain the tea's smooth flavor.

I also tried their Formosa Minglian Green Tea. Chinese greens in general are usually lightly oxidized before processing and so are very different from Japanese green tea, which is processed immediately after harvest to keep oxidation and fermentation to an absolute minimum.

The Formosa Minglian was very aromatic. The infusion was bright but lightly colored and very subtle in flavor. The taste is light and refreshing. Your palate feels cleansed afterwards, although there is also a light, pleasant aftertaste. This is a refined tea that is sure to please the refined of palates.

auraTeas' Formosa Baiho Oolong Choice — a very good choice!

—Mellow Monk

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