Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yazawa Eikichi, Japan's Elvis

I wouldn't use the phrase "Elvis of Japan" lightly, but Eikichi Yazawa is certainly worthy of the title.

Yazawa got his start in the early '70s and is still going strong today. One of his secrets is that he is a one-man music industry—a singer, songwriter, arranger, producer, publicist, marketing department, and road manager all rolled up in to one. He has never depended on any single producer but instead has a knack for inspiring the musicians around him to create the rock 'n' roll sound he envisions.

Here are a few clips of Yazawa—or "Ei-chan," as fans know him—on stage in the U.K. and Japan, singing in English and Japanese.

"Don't be Cruel"

"Flesh and Blood" (in Japanese)

"Rockin' My Heart" (1982)

"Pure Gold" (in Japanese)

Eikichi Yazawa at the Budokan.

—Mellow Monk

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