Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kumamoto's Bruce Lee

Kumamoto native Takanori Okazaki was in the 5th grade when he saw his first Bruce Lee movie, Fists of Fury. He became an instant fan, making nunchucks out of empty Saran wrap rolls and eventually taking up the study of Bruce Lee's martial arts form, Jeet Kune Do.

Ten years ago Mr. Okazaki joined the Kumamoto branch of the Inosanto Methods Unified Martial Arts Association, founded by Bruce Lee disciple Dan Inosanto.

Today, almost 35 years after Master Lee's death, Ozaki still promotes the preservation of Lee's cinematic, martials arts, and philosophical legacy, all while working at his day job as a clinical technician at the Japan Red Cross Kumamoto Health Maintenance Center in Kumamoto City.

(Kumamoto City is the capital of Kumamoto Prefecture, which also contains the Aso region where Mellow Monk Green Tea is grown.)

Mr. Okazaki says he is the descendant of a renowned Edo period swordsman from the Otokoyama Clan (who may or may not be the same Otokoyamas who started the sake brewery of the same name).

—Mellow Monk

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