Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tea review: auraTeas' Formosa Wenshan Baochong Choice

I recently received a sampling of teas from auraTeas, a British Columbia-based importer of teas from Taiwan, so here is my review of the first of tea I sampled, Formosa Wenshan Baochong Choice.

Bottom line: I really liked this tea. It has a subtle but definite (if that makes sense) oolong aroma and flavor, which is to be expected as it is an oolong tea.

I was surprised by the instructions on the tin to let the tea steep for only 1 minute (for green tea, the average is 3 to 5 minutes); I was equally surprised that such a short steeping time produced such an aromatic infusion.

For the second infusion (the label suggests up to six) I let the tea steep a little longer and was again surprised—this time at how flavorful the tea was for a second steeping. The flavor still held up for a third infusion, without any of the unpleasant overtones that will come out in an inferior tea.

In short, this tea is the real deal. If you like oolong—but not overpowering oolong—then you'll love this tea. I highly recommend it.

auraTeas' Formosa Wenshan Baochong Choice

—Mellow Monk

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