Sunday, November 04, 2007

Robot goat eats losing tickets

To stop gamblers from dropping their losing tickets on the floor, the Edogawa Boat Races in Tokyo have installed a ticket-eating robot goat [original Japanese article at].

According to the article, the animatronic Rocky Mountain goat eats 500 tickets a day on average and is popular with kids (!), who can be heard nagging their parents for losing tickets to feed into the machine.

That may encourage kids to hope their parents lose (which is probably what they deserve for bringing kids to a gambling joint), but seeing the little rug rats happily feed a losing ticket to Mr. Goat will no doubt bring a smile to many a parent's face, which is keeping with the goat's overall goal of taking away the sting of losing one's hard-earned money.

The obviously shrewd owners of the boat-racing facility are also promoting the robot goat with catch phrases such as "Have your frustration eaten up so you can be lucky in the next race."

You can compare my summary to a Google translation of the article.

"Wow, I can feel my luck improving already!"

—Mellow Monk

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