Saturday, February 03, 2007

An apology to readers: Sorry for botching the comments feature

To any reader who's tried to leave a comment on this blog in the past few months:

I'm so sorry!

I did a real forehead-slapper: I had the comments feature set to notify me before publishing a reader's comment to avoid subjecting you all to a lot of spam. However, I wasn't getting those email notices because of a goof on my part, so no one's comments were getting published.

I simply assumed no one was leaving comments. In hindsight, I wonder how I could have assumed you didn't care! (sniffle)

I have just rectified the situation, however, and published a large cartload of accumulated comments that you had left in the past months. Unfortunately, there's no way to show all those comments on one page—they're each attached to their respective postings. But rest assured that your comments will appear promptly from now on. My apologies to those who took the time to leave those comments.

—Mellow Monk

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