Monday, January 08, 2007

Green tea commercial with Miyazawa Rie

Here's a commercial for Suntory's "Iemon" (pronounced EE-eh-moan) bottled green tea. Yes, I know ready-to-drink green tea is anathema to serious green-tea drinkers, but on the other hand, this commercial is beautifully photographed and features actress Miyazawa Rie, who about 12 years ago was the most popular actress in Japan.

The commercial's winter theme ties in with the ad's main point: that in wintertime, Iemon tea is dispensed hot from Japan's ubiquitous vending machines.

The commercial's minimalist dialog translates as follows:

Man: You came out to meet me.
Woman: [handing him tea] Here you are.
Woman: [standing under his umbrella] Welcome back.

—Mellow Monk

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