Monday, August 28, 2006

Kickstart the ol' memory with "previously seen on..."

Last night, I watched the series finale of HBO's Deadwood, a truly well-done show. I like that show so much, if they made Deadwood action figures, I'd buy the Al Swearengen figure and maybe the Trixie figure, as long as manufacturer didn't botch the likeness too much.

Anyway, Deadwood, like most HBO series, has a very long "previously seen on" segment. When I was a kid, I always found the previous episode summary annoying. I was anxious for the show to start. "Who needs the summary, anyway?" I thought.

Well now, a few decades later, I can answer my own rhetorical question: I need the summary. Particularly with a show with plot twists and conspiracies as complex as Deadwood, I found the summary not just convenient but almost essential—especially if I wanted to avoid missing key lines of dialog while attempting to remember and rehash previous developments with the wife.

So, what once was an annoyance is now a necessity. Compared to when I was younger, my attitude toward green tea has undergone a similarly dramatic change. But then, with age comes wisdom, no?

I'm sure Al Swearengen would agree.

—Mellow Monk

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