Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bamboo shoots on a slow news day

This is the sort of news you get on a slow news day in a slow town.

The town in question is Japan's Ubuyama (population 1,754), situated not too far from the source of Mellow Monk green tea. The news in question is about—are you sitting down?—three bamboo shoots that a farmer found growing out of a single root node.

Below is a photo of the shoots from the local rag, the Kumanichi.

The farmer who found them, a Mr. Sakai, explained that a node on a bamboo root normally produces only a single shoot, and that it's very rare to find three growing from a single node. Usually, nodes are spaced about a yard apart.

So pleased was Mr. Sakai with his find that he brought it to the local onsen (hot spring bath house), where it was proudly put on display at the entrance to the wonderment of tourists and locals alike.

The entire Mellow Monk staff feels privileged and honored to break this news to the world. Remember: You heard it here first.

(Stories like this one are a sure sign that the first-string reporters and editors are on vacation for Golden Week, Japan's longest string of holidays.)

—Mellow Monk

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