Monday, April 10, 2006

Anger and how to control it

The American Psychological Association website has an extensive page on anger management.

As someone said, people don't make us angry; we let them make us angry.

[To deal with anger, it's] best to find out what it is that triggers your anger, and then to develop strategies to keep those triggers from tipping you over the edge.

The most basic strategy for keeping anger at bay is relaxation:

  • Breathe deeply, from your diaphragm; breathing from your chest won't relax you. Picture your breath coming up from your "gut."
  • Slowly repeat a calm word or phrase such as "relax," "take it easy." Repeat it to yourself while breathing deeply.
  • Use imagery; visualize a relaxing experience, from either your memory or your imagination.
  • Nonstrenuous, slow yoga-like exercises can relax your muscles and make you feel much calmer.

To the above list, add one important omission: green tea. Not only does the natural theanine in green tea promote relaxation, but the "ritual" of preparing and slowly sipping a cup of hot green tea is a great way to take a step back and get your mind off whatever is bothering you.

And when you're drinking that cup of green tea, feel free to play your favorite CD and put your feet up on your desk!

—Mellow Monk

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