Thursday, March 30, 2006

Water really is the lifeblood of tea

Last night I got lazy and brewed a pot of Monk's Choice using water straight out of the tap. What a mistake that was. The taste was essentially ruined by the chlorine and who knows what else is in the water.

I usually use water that's been run through a Brita filter, which goes a long way toward bringing out the tea's true taste.

When we lived in Aso, Japan, the water that came out of the tap was minimally treated spring water. It tasted great. The only drinking water I've ever had that tasted better than that was right-out-of-the-ground spring water that we would sometimes collect right from the source—for free; the town kept the spring open to the public. Anyhow, that water blows the pants of any water that's been sitting in a plastic bottle. No lie.

But since natural spring water right out of the ground is a little hard to get for the average green-tea drinker, even bottled spring water might be worth the treat every now and then. Because using the best water possible will allow you to experience the true taste of Mellow Monk green tea. Because when it comes to taste, I'd put our green tea up against any competitor's green.

—Mellow Monk

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