Wednesday, February 22, 2006

In Japan, women day-trade their way to stardom

Day trading in Japan:

Yuka Yamaoto dutifully quit work to assume her expected role as suburban homemaker when she married six years ago. But she quickly grew bored at home, and when she saw a television program about online stock investing, she took $2,000 in savings and gave it a try.

Today, Ms. Yamamoto says she has turned her initial investment into more than $1 million as a day trader, scanning her home computer for price movements in stocks, futures and foreign currencies that could lead to quick profits.

The photo below, from the same article, is of Maiko Asaba, 28, a "financial researcher and part-time day trader who keeps a giant teddy bear next to her trading terminal in her cramped Tokyo apartment."

—Mellow Monk

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