Friday, September 30, 2005

JR West goes beyond an apology

In the September issues of their in-house magazine, West Japan Railway Company (affectionately known as JR West) ran an article consisting of messages from relatives and friends of the 106 people killed in a derailment accident in Amagasaki, Japan, on April 25.

Comments published in the magazine include "What good is profit at the expense of human life?" (from a thirtysomething woman who lost her boss) and "Understand that you've disrupted the lives of many people" (from a thirtysomething man who lost a coworker).

A company spokesman said, "We hope to use [these comments] to create a corporate culture that puts top priority on safety." (All translations are mine. The original Japanese article is here [registration is required but free].)

Service on the line where the accident occurred resumed on June 20, 55 days after the accident.

—Mellow Monk

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