Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Japanese advertisers giving Hollywood celebs the cold shoulder

The L.A. Times reports that Hollywood celebrities aren't as sought after by Japanese advertisers anymore.

Back in the '90s, stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, and even Micky Roarke (remember when he was popular?) made a whole lot of extra cash appearing in TV commercials in Japan for everything from beer to cigarettes to instant noodles. It was a dirty little secret known to few American fans.

(A website called Japander.com is a veritable database of such commercials.)

Now, Korean celebrities are so popular in Japan, the article says, that they're getting all the high-paying commercial gigs now.

I wonder if the whole shift in tastes among Japanese TV audiences has anything to do with the quality of the movies that Hollywood is churning out these days—or the quality of celebrities who are in those movies.

—Mellow Monk

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