Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Recipe: tofu-and-egg quesadilla

Here's what I had for dinner last night: A tofu-and-egg quesadilla.

(A quesadilla is the same concept as a burrito but with the tortilla folded in half and fried in a pan until the exterior's crisp and the interior is warm.)

Here's the recipe:
You need: half a block of tofu, 3 eggs, two flour tortillas.

  1. Cut a half-block of tofu into small, roughly quarter- to half-inch cubes, and beat the three eggs in a bowl.

  2. Fry the tofu cubes for 2-3 minutes in a frying pan on medium heat.

  3. Add the egg batter to the pan.

  4. Stirring frequently, cook until you end up with ... what looks like scrambled eggs with a bunch of cubed tofu in it.

  5. Move the eggs and tofu temporarily to a plate or bowl.

  6. Fold the two tortillas in half and place edge-to-edge (so you can fry both at the same time).

  7. Fry until crispy, then flip over and repeat.

  8. If you like, add salt & pepper, hot sauce, or salsa, etc. (usually inside the quesadilla, but some prefer outside).

  9. Wash it down with a mug of freshly brewed Mellow Monk iced green tea. (See brewing instructions near the bottom of this page.)

Feeds: 2 normal human beings (or) 1 Mellow Monk

Who says Mellow Monk can't post recipes to his blog? (Replies a heckler: "Only people who've tried one of the recipes"! [rimshot])

—Mellow Monk

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