Thursday, August 18, 2005

Instructions for brewing green tea with our tea filters

(These are instructions for anyone who received a packet of our imported Japanese tea filters. These packets are free with the Mellow Monk Green Tea Starter Kit, which you can order here.)

Instructions for Brewing Green Tea with the Tea Filters

  1. Pull open the top of the filter pouch.

  2. Place your Mellow Monk green tea inside.

  3. Holding the filter with both hands, insert the tips of your thumbs into the outside flap just above the narrow horizontal strip.

  4. Push in the top corners and turn the flap portion inside-out, so that the flap covers the top opening and now lies on the other side of the filter.

  5. Tear either end of the narrow horizontal strip on the outside of the filter. (This strip is for pulling the filter out of the teacup or teapot once the tea is finished brewing. If you are brewing tea in a teapot, you can skip this step and drop the entire tea filter, strip and all, into the pot.)

  6. Place the tea filter into hot water, leaving the end of the narrow strip hanging over the side of your cup.

  7. When the tea is finished brewing, remove the filter by holding it by the narrow strip.

  8. Enjoy your tea!

—Mellow Monk

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