Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Charlie Nagatani: a Japanese country musician

Charlie Nagatani is a Japan-born country musician who is based in Kumamoto City, which is the largest city in the prefecture (equivalent to a state in the U.S.) of Kumamoto, where the Aso region is located. He’s been singing country music “since 1956,” according to the lyrics of his song “My Name is Goodtime Charlie,” which you can hear a long sample of here. He's also been the headliner at "Country Gold", a country music festival held every year in Aso. (Who would ever suspect that the Aso area would be home to some of Japan's best green tea and one of Japan's biggest country-music festivals?) American-style country music is a lot more popular in Japan than many people would think, as you can see from the artists listed on the home page of the above website.

—Mellow Monk

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