Thursday, May 19, 2005

Community-supported farming (CSF)

Here's an article from USA Today about a "new way of farming . . . [whose] ultimate harvest may be the preservation of the family farm."

This new way of farming is called community-supported farming (CSF). The way CSF works is that consumers buy "shares" in a farmer's future harvest. They pay a certain fee, on a monthly or weekly basis, both before and during the growing season. (By getting the money up front, the farmer can reduce his or her reliance on interest-accruing bank financing.) When harvest time comes, the vegetables or other farm products are taken to a pickup point, where "shareholders" collect their food.

As you know, preserving family farming the world over is one of Mellow Monk's missions. I like to think that, by connecting you, the tea consumer, directly to the tea grower, we're also engaged in a form of community-supported agriculture.

—Mellow Monk

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