Thursday, February 10, 2005

Sweetening green tea & putting green tea in a thermos

A customer recently emailed us to ask about sweetening green tea and putting brewed green tea in a thermos. We thought the answers could benefit others, so we're posting the exchange here on our blog.

>Dear Mellow Monk,
>I am new to the green tea experience, but I must say I am intrigued

>and want the health benefits. Can you please tell me if it is OK

>to sweeten your green tea?

>Also, can I brew green tea and put it in a thermos to drink from

>throughout the day?

>Thank you for your time,


Dear Cindy,

Sweetening your green tea will not alter its health-promoting properties. In fact, if you're new to green tea, then a sweetener like honey or sugar (personally, we think honey goes better with green tea) may be a good way to ease the transition to drinking green tea. Of course, cup after cup of highly sweetened tea wouldn't be healthy, especially if you're already eating a lot of sweets, but if you're not, there's nothing wrong with a little honey.

Preparing a thermos of green tea to drink from during the day also sounds like a good idea. Green tea that's been sitting in a thermos for hours may lose some of its flavor and a tiny bit of its antioxidants, but (1) it will still taste better than a lot of green teas out there, and (2) if the convenience of a thermos means you end up drinking more tea, then you still come out ahead!


Mellow Monk

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