Friday, January 21, 2005

So, you’ve tried green tea before but didn’t like it?

Then it couldn’t have been Mellow Monk green tea. ;-)

Seriously, if you tried green tea in the past but weren’t crazy about it -- if you thought, “What’s all the fuss about?” -- then the problem was most likely the quality of the tea you tried. This has undoubtedly happened to a lot of people: You try green tea for the first time at, say, a Japanese restaurant. You like it, so you go to your local supermarket and buy a mass-market green tea (probably bagged tea). Full of expectation, you brew a cup of green tea yourself for the first time. You drink it, and it’s horrible. That sours you on the whole green tea experience. But the problem isn’t green tea in general; it’s the brand you tried. Try a high-quality green tea like Mellow Monk. The difference is like night and day -- like the difference between quality gourmet coffee and a cup of joe at the neighborhood greasy spoon. So don’t give up on green tea until you’ve tried a nice, quality tea like Mellow Monk tea.

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