Monday, September 27, 2004

Old-fashioned Japanese rice candy

Here's an old-fashioned Japanese candy that goes great with green tea. It’s called Botan Rice Candy. It’s soft and chewy, and not too sweet. It’s been around for ages in Japan, where a lot of young people today might not even know about it unless they went into a small, traditional candy store in the old part of town. A picture of Botan Rice Candy is shown below.

What makes this candy unique is the edible inner wrapper, which is made out of rice paper, and it dissolves in your mouth. It’s not just a gimmick: it serves the practical purpose of keeping the sticky mochi-like candy from sticking to the outer wrapper. But many a first-timer has spent an agonizing time trying to pick off the delicate edible wrapper shred by tiny shred, only to find out later that it’s edible. But remember: it’s the clear inner wrapper that’s edible, not the waxed-paper outer wrapper!

If you would like to see Mellow Monk carry food items like this, please drop us a line and let us know.

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