Monday, August 16, 2004

The refreshing reality of the Olympics

After being bombarded for so long by so-called reality shows, shamelessly passed off as real despite their scripted stories and amateur actors pretending to be ordinary folks, the Olympics are refreshingly honest and real. The competition is real -- no one has scripted the outcome in consultation with a marketing department. And the athletes are all real people, doing their best, shouting sincerely for joy upon winning and shedding real tears upon losing. When interviewed before or after an event, they speak from the heart and off the cuff. But the Olympics are not just the ultimate reality show. The holding of the Games amidst today's war, violence, and atmosphere of general mistrust that exists among nations today reminds us why the first Olympic games over 2,000 years ago were such a significant landmark in humankind's history: it was the first time that so many nations came together not to kill each other or scheme against another nation, but rather to compete in friendship and celebrate their common hopes. That is the true significance of the Games.

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